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Intellectual Property

Zaitman Lawyers has extensive experience in property law and is well versed in the ever changing legal landscape relating to real estate transactions.


Intellectual Property laws protect the proprietary (ownership) rights in creative and inventive endeavours and give creators and inventors certain exclusive rights, to deal with their creative works or inventions.

At Zaitman Lawyers we focus on protection of our clients’ rights in their Intellectual Property which include:

  • Copyright

  • Trade Marks

  • Protection of names and products by registration of Trade Marks

  • Licensing of products and services



Copyright law focuses on original ideas and thoughts that are expressed by a person and put into a tangible form (in writing on a disc). It protects original literally, dramatic, musical and artistic works of the originator of such works where the maker places the works into a tangible form such as a book, original articles, manuscripts, audio or audio visual recordings, etc.

At Zaitman Lawyers we are able to give our clients advice on different types of copyright works and issues involving protection under copyright law. Our experience includes:

  • Advising whether certain works are original and therefore attract copyright protection

  • Disputes between copyright owners

  • Agreements/Contracts/Licenses between copyright owners and third parties

  • Actions against use of copyright material without the owner’s consent

  • Advice in relation to use of a third party’s copyright material


A Trade Mark can be a letter, number, word, phrase, sound, smell, shape, logo, picture, aspect of packaging or any combination of these. Trade Marks must be original and can be registered in order to give the owner a proprietary right, that is, ownership in the Trade mark.

At Zaitman Lawyers we give advice on all issues involved with Trade Marks including searching for availability of a proposed Trade Mark. We will register your Trade Mark (within Australia or internationally). We can advise on disputes and institute proceedings or negotiate on your behalf to seek a resolution to disputes.

Although the registration of a Trade Mark is not compulsory we strongly encourage our clients to seek registration as a means to establish a presence in the market place as well as protection of the goods and services being marketed. Registration of a Trade Mark gives proprietary right to the owner which is the best possible legal protection available. Registration stops others from the use, reproduction, licensing and selling of goods and services under the registered Trade Mark without the owner’s consent.

At Zaitman Lawyers we are experienced in providing timely and cost affective advice and can secure your logo and related material or name by registration of Trade Marks in Australia and internationally.