Property Law

Property Law

Zaitman Lawyers has extensive experience in property law and is well versed in the ever changing legal landscape relating to real estate transactions.

Over many years, we have represented and assisted a wide variety of clients to purchase and sell residential, industrial and commercial properties. We also represent developers in property transactions involving the purchase, subdivision, financing and sales of blocks of apartments and land for new construction. We can advise you and prepare the necessary documents in relation to Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements, subdivisions of land, issues involving liability for Stamp Duty and GST and set up of corporate and Trust structures.


We also have extensive experience in matters relating to financing of properties and we deal with private lenders as well as banks and non-bank lenders. Through our network of contacts and private lenders we can assist with arranging loans for properties, both First and Second Mortgages.



Our areas of practice include the following:

  • General advice on legal and commercial issues, clients’ responsibilities and contractual obligations

  • Preparation of Contracts, Vendors Statements and all ancillary property documents

  • Financing including advising and arranging Mortgage finance for properties and preparation of all security documentation, discharges of Mortgage and re-financing of loans

  • Attending to settlements and liaising with Banks

  • Consulting with estate agents, accountants, valuers, State Revenue Office (Stamp duty and land tax), Land Titles Office (registration of dealings), instituting or defending legal action relating to property disputes



  • Liaising with Councils and Surveyors on Town Planning and Building permits and plans of subdivision.

  • Preparation of all necessary applications and attending to registration

  • Advising on matters relating to Owners Corporation (formally called Body Corporate)

    Stamp Duty, GST & Land Tax

  • Advice regarding liability for Stamp Duty, GST and Land Tax in property transactions

  • Preparation of submissions to State Revenue Office relating to minimisation of Stamp duty and land tax

  • Advice and representation in disputes regarding Stamp Duty and Land Tax

  • Advice regarding liability for GST in property transactions



  • Advice on legal and commercial issues and protection of interests

  • Preparation of Joint Venture and Partnership Agreements

  • Holding of properties by Companies and Trusts



  • Advice on property Contract disputes

  • Instigation and conduct of litigation and representation in defending claims in all courts and



  • Negotiations and settlements of disputes